PT. NIHON PANDUDAYATAMA, established since 2002 is a companyengaged in the manufacture and
Service Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinder and Component supported byfacilities and equipment machines
complete in our workshop as well as human resources (HR) experiencedespecially in the technical field,
then we can solve all the booking accordance with customer wishes for Our commitment is to provide the best products and
service for customers so that customer satisfaction canreached.

Along with the increase in industrial growth in Indonesia covering various fields such as automotive,drilling, transportation,
spare parts and mining where many in the industry to use Hydraulicand Pneumatic Cylinder, Hydraulic Systems and
Components in the production process, so that we are a partneris right for your
company to support the growth of your company

  • A partnership for prosperity and success of joint venture 

  • Developing machinery industry with modern manufacturing technology and management to produce products. 

    > High Quality
    > Competitive prices
    > On time delivery
    > Ability to adapt to the company

  • Minto supporting industries for the mining industry, drilling and processing industries as well as industrial engineering.